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Quantity Photo FOB USD
Wu long peng sheng

Hundred proliferate form. Flowers 16cm¡Á6cm,
purplish red, lustrous. Stalks fairly long, flowersupright or lateral. Flowering midseason. Growth vigorous, flowers many

200000 1.80$
Cang zhi hong Crown form. Flowers 16cm¡Á7cm,purplish red, lustrous. Flowers hidden among the leaves. Flowering very early. Growth vigorous, flowers many, tolerant of diseases 10000 1.80$
Zi er qiao Rose-chrysanthemum form. 16cm¡Á6cm,purplish red, lustrous. Stalks fairly long, stiff. Flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Growth vigorous,flowers many. 10000 1.80$
Jia ge jin zi Crown proliferate form. Flowers 15cm¡Á9cm ,purple. Flowers lateral. Flowering late. Growth medium, flowers neat form. 5000 1.80$
Bai yuan hong xia Magenta red, crown shaped, dark red at base, the outer circles of petals are larger, the inner circles smaller and ruffled. flower many. 5000 4.00$
Guan qun fang Magenta red, crown form, dark red at base, the outer circles of petals are larger, flowers many, growth vigorous. 5000 4.00$

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