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Quantity Photo FOB USD
Zhu sha lei

Lotus form. Flowers 17cm¡Á3cm,light purple. Flowers upright. Flowering early. Growth fairly vigorous

200000 1.50$
Zhao fen Crown-lotus form. Flowers 18cm¡Á8cm,pink.Stalks fairly stout, long, flowers lateral. Flowering midseason. Growth vigorous, flowers many, neatform, high yield of danpi from root for medicine 5000 1.50$
Yin fen jin lin Crown form. Flowers 15cm¡Á8cm,pink.Flowering late. Flowers many, each individual long-lasting 3000 1.50$
Lu fen Crown form. Flowers 17cm¡Á7cm,pink.Stalks stiff, flowers upright. Flowering early. Growth vigorous, flowers many, neatform, plants elegant. 5000 1.70$
Fen qiao Pink and claret bicolor flowers, Rose shaped. Flower 16cm x 7cm, flowers many, flowering early. 10000 1.70$
Fen zhong guan Crown form. Flowers 16cm¡Á9cm,pink.Flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Growth vigorous ,flowers many, neatform, tolerant of diseases. 5000 1.70$

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