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Quantity Photo FOB USD
Jin zhi

Crown form , golden colour, flower big and many, flowering later.

500 12.00$
Jin ge Crown form , golden colour, flowers many and upright, blooming later. growth vigorous. 500 12.00$
Hai huang Rose form, flowers many and big, growth vigorous. Bloom two times in spring and autumn. 2000 12.00$
Huang hua kui Lotus form. Flowers 14cm¡Á5cm,yellowish,Stalks long, flowers upright. Flowering early .Growth vigorous, flowers many. 1000 12.00$
Jin gui piao xiang Crown-anemone form. Flowers 15cm¡Á6cm,first yellow, Flowers upright .Flowering early. Growth vigorous. 5000 5.00$

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